Pat Fitzpatrick, headmaster of Plumstead Christian School

Headmaster’s Welcome

TheBestSchools.org, an independent organization that rates colleges and schools, recently selected Plumstead Christian School as one of the top fifty best Christian high schools in the nation.  The criteria they used in their selection process included academic strength, richness of co-curricular offerings, and strong demographic and geographic diversity.  They also gauged in the selection process how seriously each school takes their Christianity.  TheBestSchools.org saw in Plumstead Christian School the very strengths that first drew me to the school in March of 2010 as a job seeker and, more importantly, as a prospective PCS parent.

Being recognized by TheBestSchools.org as a top Christian school in the nation has inspired our school to even more excellence, and our efforts now include developing our facilities to match the level of excellence we celebrate in our programs and people. I welcome each of you to stop by the school and see the facility expansion program that is underway in order to further meet our athletic and fine arts needs.

In the fall of 2016 Plumstead Christian School was recognized by the readership of the Intelligencer as “The Best Private School in Bux-Mont.” We are grateful for the readership for their acknowledgement of the strength of our programs.

Achieving the excellence that has recently been recognized is intentional and the result of careful and well executed planning, a strong commitment to the highest standards, and an unwavering pledge to our mission “to provide a caring environment where students are taught to think biblically, serve effectively, and lead Christ-centered lives.” We regard the Bible as a solid, unchanging foundation. While some may assume this prohibits or stifles change, it actually inspires us to routinely examine our curricular and co-curricular programs, our methodology, and our school culture to ensure that our students are well positioned to lead and serve in the ever-evolving global community of the twenty first century.

Plumstead Christian School has become great, and remains so, not only because we have stayed true to our mission, but because we have dedicated, accomplished, and mission-minded men and women who serve on our faculty.  We recognize the importance of maintaining and recruiting excellent faculty – faculty who love God, love your children, and demonstrate an inspirational passion for their subject areas.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Plumstead Christian School.


Patrick Fitzpatrick



Plumstead Christian Lower School Grades Preschool-5
753 New Galena Road,   Chalfont, PA 18914 

Plumstead Christian Middle/Upper School Grades 6-12
5765 Old Easton Road, Plumsteadville (Doylestown), PA 18949 

Please note that if you are using your GPS or online sites for directions to our Plumsteadville campus you will get more accurate results if you use Doylestown for the city instead of Plumsteadville, or just use our ZIP code without a city name.