School Board

Plumstead Christian School operates with the oversight and accountability of the PCS School Board, whose members are elected by the PCS Association from among its membership. Board members confess a personal faith in Jesus Christ and are actively participating in a Christian church.

Rick Millham Board Chairman*, Executive Committee / Athletic Committee
Doug Hamilton Vice Chairman*, Executive Committee / Development Committee Chair
Wayne Tull Secretary*, Executive Committee / Finance Committee
Matt Manz Treasurer*, Executive Committee / Finance Committee Chair
Frank Brouse Facilities Committee
Stephanie Emr Education Policy Committee Chair
Curt Eshleman Facilities Committee Chair
Michele Hewitt Athletic Committee Chair / Board Development Committee
Larry Marr Development Committee / Executive Committee Member at Large
Matt Read Marketing / Admissions / Public Relations Committee Chair
Troy Sensing Development Committee
Carole Hughes Education Policy Committee
Jay White Education Policy Committee
Jim Worth Marketing / Admissions / Public Relations Committee / Technology Team
Chris White Development Committee
* Denotes officers of the board
If you have any questions or comments for the PCS School Board, please e-mail us at

PCS Association

The Plumstead Christian School Association is mindful of God’s will that children be taught the content and practical applications of His Word in every respect of learning and every activity of life (Deuteronomy 6:4-9), while firmly believing that a Christian School will help us carry out our child-training responsibilities in a God-pleasing manner.

Membership in the Association is open to all those over 18 years old whose character and testimony support the Statement of Faith and Purpose as set forth in the school’s Constitution. All members of the Association are approved by the Board. Click here to apply.


Patrick Fitzpatrick Headmaster
Mark Miquel Director of Finance
Terri Miquel Lower School Principal
Shannon Nusser Middle/Upper School Principal