PCS Parent Pride

We asked our families to share with us their PCS family experience along with what makes our school so special. #PCSParentPride


michael parent prideThe Michael Family:

Meet Brad and Melissa Michael, parents to a lower school student.

We chose Plumstead Christian School because we truly wanted to have our daughter in a school where faith was a critical component of her education.  Couple that with the mission of PCS and the choice seemed easy.  We feel that with the size of PCS they truly focus on the kids.  The individual teachers are amazing and the school’s educational goals stretch from the very youngest to the oldest.  They really want to push these kids to be their best and to try hard.

Our daughter was an early reader, but she preferred fictional stories.  She has been encouraged to learn outside her comfort level and try non-fiction.  This has been the case not only in reading but in all areas of her schoolwork. Because of that, she is thriving in her learning.

Our favorite thing about Plumstead Christian School so far has been prayer. At back to school night it was amazing to pray with all the other parents and faculty for the enrichment of the school, its students and families.  We feel like we are part of a big family at PCS. It’s pretty special.



The Hand Family:hand-parent-pride-2

Meet Brian and Mary Hand, parents to two lower school students.

Our deepest desire is for our children to know and love God.  A natural outworking of that is our desire to intentionally integrate God’s truth into every area of learning — whether at home or at school.  As we looked for a school for our children, we loved much of what we found at PCS — godly teachers, a mission to teach children using God’s Word, and excitement for learning.  

My husband and I have felt very welcomed by teachers and other parents.  I’m quick to share with others about how much I love the community at PCS — that’s a big factor for us.  Community will naturally build excitement, and a parent’s excitement goes a long way in impacting their children’s excitement as well.  In addition to the community, we’ve always felt very respected and listened to by teachers and faculty.

In addition to a loving community environment, we love that God & His Word are central as PCS seeks to provide students with an exemplary education.  Even though our child’s academic excellence is important to us, their character & love for God is more important. One example of how this is played out in a PCS classroom: if a child acts up or is out of line, the teacher has a “heart talk” with the student. The aim of this is to get at the heart of the issue, not just putting a band-aid on the behavior.  One more example is the what is explained and highlighted on report cards: it is clear how the teacher spends time investing in and caring for each student — both their heart and their mind.  I’ve appreciated how each teacher has prayed for my children, and how they celebrate my child’s achievements.

Both of our children love going to school, love being there, and love being with people from there.  Each day, they are excited to share about their day. Our children are thriving socially, and both of our children have loved their teachers each year!

Our favorite moments at PCS, quite honestly, have been times of worship together — whether watching the children worship together at weekly chapel, or parents worshiping together at Back to School nights, or together as a whole school at other events.  This is not a common scene to find at schools, and worshiping together bonds people together.  Worshiping together can uniquely unite people, tearing down all kinds of walls that we might build against others.



The Gisondi Family:

Meet Rick and Victoria Gisondi, parents to one PCS alumnus and 4 current PCS students.

Veronica: Class of 2015
Isabel: Class of 2017
Scott: Class of 2019
Carmen: Class of 2020
Susana: Class of 2023

Rick went to a Christian school growing up and it was something he wanted for our kids. When we moved to Chalfont, we noticed the directional sign on Rte 152 and New Galena Rd pointing towards the school. Rick couldn’t believe his luck! We had purchased a house less than a mile from a Christian school!

As our oldest daughter moved from pre-k up through the grades, I fell in love with the spirituality and culture of the school. What I wanted for our kids was a Christian culture.  Doctrine is important, but I knew as they got older,  peers would have the greatest influence on my children’s lives for better or for worse.

I started making friends and realized that families who were making the sacrifice to send their kids to PCS were doing so for the same reason we were. So were the staff and teachers. We shared the same Christian world-view and desire in common to raise and strengthen our children in a Christian community.

I will never forget the soccer season of 2014. Everybody I talk to remembers it as a magical time. The whole school came together behind our boys as they made it to districts. Many families from both campuses followed them to every game- home or away. PCS fan base was the biggest it had ever been and we ROARED from those bleachers. We were either a sea of red or black depending on the game.. I remember hearing that the boys at the elementary school would play soccer and pretend to be Justin or Andy or Noah from the high school team. The bleachers were filled to capacity. EVERYBODY was there. EVERYBODY was emotionally invested. And we all cried with them when they lost that last game. They were the brotherhood but we were the family.



The Pray Family:

Meet  RB and Julia Pray, parents to two current PCS students.

We chose PCS because we wanted to send our children to a Christian school that would work alongside us as parents to help our children grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ, learn how to live out their faith in everyday life, and receive a fantastic education.

We love that we are not sacrificing our children’s education by sending them to a Christian school, but we are actually making it better.  PCS offers an education that rivals, if not exceeds, the local public schools, and does so in a way that incorporates Biblical truths.

As parents, we really appreciate the community that the school has to offer.  It is an encouragement to us to be able to do life with other parents who are of the same Christ-like mindset.  Our favorite memory so far is hearing the Christmas concert when the kindergarten class recites the Christmas Story from Luke as an entire class.



Parent Pride photo of the Brautigam Family #PCSParentPride

The Brautigam Family:

Meet Brad and Connie Brautigam, parents to three PCS alums and one current 11th grader.

Brad and Connie
Corey, class of 2011
Tyler, class of 2013
Justin, class of 2015
Luke, class of 2018

We chose PCS for its Christian worldview and for a more personalized experience than a larger school can offer.  We have seen our boys thrive by gaining confidence to try new activities in a grace filled atmosphere. The parents at PCS come along side each other with similar approaches to parenting.  Other PCS parents care for our children with the love of Christ.  Our favorite memory is watching our boys gather and pray for their opponents on the sports field.