Cyber-Course Options

PCS works with online course providers like Edhesive and Educere to offer a number of cyber classes to High School students on an as needed basis or as an additional class taken in conjunction with our core curriculum. Full-time students continue to attend their regularly scheduled classes while they attend cyber classes in the cyber lab classroom or on their own time at home.

The purpose of this program is to offer remedial classes, provide alternatives to schedule conflicts, or to expand a student’s course work through a broad selection of subjects. At any time, a student may choose to take a cyber course to advance their knowledge in a particular subject. This course will act as an elective course, but not act as a substitute for a required course (unless approved by the department chair and guidance department). Overall, these classes are fun, challenging and mind expanding – at the same time, students remain part of the supportive and encouraging PCS family.

For more information, contact Bob Brennan, School Counselor. Be sure to have your cyber class approved by the School Counselor before enrolling. If supervision is needed for this course, an additional fee would be incurred.