Frequently Asked Tuition Assistance Questions

  1. Does Plumstead Christian School have a multi-child discount (MCD)? While PCS does not have a MCD it does help those families with more than one child if there is a financial need. 
  1. Is there any way to estimate how much tuition assistance I might be eligible for? PCS is committed to providing financial support to any family that demonstrates need. The Tuition Assistance Committee utilizes a variety of factors in making their tuition assistance decisions. These include, but are not limited to, such factors as family income and assets, number of dependents, and number of children enrolled. PCS also looks at other variables that may be more relevant such as recent job loss, unusual medical expenses, family obligations, and other financial commitments. 

Please note: The average effective income for a family receiving tuition assistance at PCS in 2015-2016 was $68,853 annually. The average family size is five dependents with an average of two students enrolled. The average tuition assistance award per student was $2,586. The maximum award for any family requesting tuition assistance is 40%. 

  1. Why is Plumstead Christian School’s tuition more than some of the other area Christian schools? While PCS’s initial tuition may be higher than some of the church sponsored schools in the area, the actual cost will vary after discounts. PCS commits an average of 20% of its annual operating budget to tuition assistance. Last year this amounted to over $700,000. We want to encourage every family feels that they cannot afford the full tuition to apply for assistance.
  1. How is my confidential financial information protected? PCS utilizes an independent online service called FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment to assist PCS in the processing of tuition assistance applications. One of the most important features in using FACTS Tuition Assessment is that all family financial data is stored safely and securely offsite on one of their secure servers. 
  1. Is there a deadline for applying for tuition assistance? Yes! Established expectations and deadlines are clearly communicated on the tuition assistance checklist. It is important that you carefully review what is needed to submit a complete application packet. Incomplete applications will be returned. Even though PCS has a very generous tuition assistance budget, it is a budgeted line item and funds are limited. Applications received after the deadline may receive a reduced award due to depleted funds. 
  1. What if I have more questions? Please contact our Director of Finance, Mark Miquel, at mmiquel@ or (215) 766-8073.