College Corner

Spotlight on Plumstead Christian School Graduates

Michael Tacconi (Class of 2008)

(class of 2008)
Boston Conservatory, 2008 – present
Major: Musical Theater

When asked about his time at Plumstead Christian School, Michael stated that in addition to preparing him to be accepted to one of the premier performing arts colleges in the country, it also allowed him the freedom to indulge his passion for performance. One teacher in particular, Ms. Heidi Wolfskill, took a special interest in Michael and helped him develop his work ethic by teaching him things outside the standard curriculum during his free periods of the day: “Ms. Wolfskill really made the biggest difference.  She taught me not only music theory and the art of performance, but she took extra time out of her day to teach me about the progression of art throughout history. This really helped me to understand the direct link between the arts and culture.” (more…)