Annual Fund

Fund For PlumsteadBut store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  Matthew 6:20

The Fund for Plumstead, our annual fund, is about people. And because people are designed by God to be eternal, the gifts we give to The Fund for Plumstead are gifts that have eternal significance. Join us in making a critical and annual investment in the lives positively impacted by the PCS experience. An education at Plumstead Christian School is transformative to our students, and when our students leave Plumstead, to the larger world around them. Our programs and our facilities are vehicles for this positive transformation, and an excellent faculty is critical for developing our students into the men and women we know God wants them to become. The Fund for Plumstead allows us to retain and recruit the best faculty, maintain and enhance programs and facilities, and to make Plumstead Christian School affordable for more families.

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The Fund for Plumstead provides flexible, immediate funds. By giving to our annual fund we ensure that PCS has the ability to act on the needs that arise each year. The Fund for Plumstead is, therefore, integral to the continued prosperity of PCS. Our goal is to constantly increase the resources at our disposal each year, so that the school can respond more effectively to the ever-changing needs of our students, our teachers, our families and our campuses.

We are asking every family to consider making the Fund for Plumstead a priority each year. Greater participation at all levels will increase our ability to meet the needs of students and teachers and to maintain our academically-strong and Christ-centered educational experience.

Our goals for the 2016-2017 Fund for Plumstead:
Net Goal: $250,000
Current Family Participation Goal: 60% 

These funds will provide the following:

  • Further investment in the faculty and staff packages in order to retain and recruit the best teachers and the best support staff – this is critical for our mission!
  • Increased funds to make Christian schooling affordable to more families.  We don’t want to turn away any family who desires Christian schooling but cannot afford tuition. Your generous gift combined with the generosity of others can help us achieve this goal.

Please make your gift today to the Fund for Plumstead