Retail Partnerships

Giant Food Stores Gift Cards Spell Huge Gifts for PCS!

Help our school in a GIANT way without costing you a thing!

Most of us do at least some of our food shopping at the area Giant Food Stores.  In addition to promoting their A+ School Program that sends us 1% of every purchase that uses registered Giant bonus cards (see details below), we make Giant Gift Cards in $25, $50, and $100 increments available at retail cost.  This is a GIANT help to our school, because the school is able to purchase these gift cards at 95% of their retail cost.  In other words, if every PCS family that shops at Giant Food Stores uses gift cards that they purchase at face value from PCS, PCS receives $5 dollars for every $100 spent.

If every family at Plumstead Christian School did all of their grocery food shopping by using gift cards purchased from the school AT THEIR RETAIL PRICE the school will raise over $40,000.

I realize that some of you do not shop at Giant Food Stores.  If you shop at other area grocery stores and still want to participate in this school-wide effort, please let us know which grocery store for whom you would like to purchase gift cards, and we will make sure we have gift cards available from them as well.

We recognize that there is a minor inconvenience associated with pre-ordering monthly Giant Gift Cards (or gift cards for other grocery stores) but we are committed to making it as easy as possible.  Personal checks made out to PCS for the purchase of these gift cards can be brought in with your child, and the gift cards can be either picked up at either campus or sent home with your child.

For more information about this program, or to specifically order gift cards for a grocery store other than Giant Food Store, please call Mark Miquel, Director of Finance, at 215-766-8073 or email him at

Giant Groceries Gift Certificate Order Form



Do you shop on Amazon?  If you do, please use the following link:
By shopping Amazon through this link, Amazon will donate a portion of their profits directly to Plumstead Christian School


 Giant Food Store’s A+ School Program

To sign up with Giant Food Store you need to have a bonus card and then go to the following site:

After entering Giant’s A+ Rewards site click on [REGISTER] under the Customer Zone on the right of the page. You will then be directed to submit your registered email address, your bonus card number, and your designated school. You may search for the school, but for ease in completing this process you may also submit our school’s code at this time: 03521.  We hope that each of you will do this!


Target Stores Red Card Program

To sign up with Target you need to request a Red Card – a debit card. The application for this card can be found at the following link: