Students of Excellence

Current enrollment in 2016-2017: 337 students

Proposed enrollment in 2019-2020: 400 students

Growing the student population strategically enhances the experience of all students, and increasing our Tuition Assistance dollars is critical to our enrollment growth strategies.

vs Dock-15An increase in enrollment allows athletic and performing arts programs to be robust, facilitates the addition of new programs (e.g., drama electives, track and field, girls’ volleyball, additional Advanced Placement courses) and opens the door for sustained experiences in competitive clubs such as debate or mock trial. Increased enrollment also provides the school with increased annual revenue for recruiting and retaining high-quality faculty.

PCS online-157Twenty-first century learning demands that our students are literate and responsible end users of technology. The school is committed to creating a learning environment that harnesses the full power of technology. Faculty training will lead to a 1:1 computer initiative utilizing laptops or handheld devices for maximum student learning in an organized, collaborative, and creative learning environment. The school will also commit funds each year to the purchase of cutting-edge technology that represents the latest in trends in order to foster technology literacy and creativity in our students.

PCS online-16Educating today’s youth to be effective kingdom Christians means providing them with excellent training and leadership opportunities. The Upper School will establish an optional leadership program that provides students with exposure to inspirational guest speakers, a leadership curriculum, and practical experience in leadership, which includes a capstone senior project focused on a local or global issue. Each senior who embarks on their own kingdom service project will be required to raise funds through grant writing, and the principle grant from which they will draw necessary funds will be the institute’s own endowment.