Library: General Information

Plumstead Christian High School Library
(Grades 6 through 12)
(215) 766-8073, ext. 221

HOURS – please note change effective 09/01/15

  • 8 am to 1 pm to students
  • 1 to 3 pm: may be available through Mr. Drake for permission
  • all day with supervised class
  • all items must be checked out with librarian or self-checkout


  • Mrs. Lauri Komita – Monday & Tuesday
  • Mrs. Rae Desko – Wednesday to Friday


  • Students, teachers and parents must check out all items.
  • Reference section is for in-library use only unless approved by the librarian.
  • Fines for late returns are 10 cents per day after a one week grace period.  Unpaid fines result in report card being held.
  • Books may not be renewed or checked out until all obligations are resolved.
  • If our library does not have an item, inter-library loans are available from other locations.  At least one week notice is needed.


  • All students using the library must have a teacher or staff member present.
  • All students must sign in and out of the library.
  • All students must have a pass if using the library during class or study hall.
  • All students may use the library for research, reading, and studying.  Group activities may be permitted with librarian permission.
  • All rules in the Student Handbook apply within the library as well.
  • No food or drink within the library without permission.  Water bottles may be permitted on an as needed basis.
  • Computers are for academic use only.  Students must adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy.


  • must adhere to Acceptable Use Policy
  • cannot be removed from library
  • should be turned into librarian if not working
  • must be returned shut down and plugged in


  • at the discretion of the librarian on duty.
  • for school related purposes only.
  • screen is not “hidden” from view.
  • music allowed with headphones, if not a distraction and if allowed by librarian.
  • cannot be used for gaming – except educational


  • food and drinks are not allowed in the library except for pre-approved events (such as Reading Olympics or Bible Studies)
  • food and drinks are NEVER allowed with computer use
  • students are always responsible for cleanup, including vacuuming if necessary
  • privileges are revoked for failure to follow through