Parent Teacher Fellowship

The PCS Parent Teacher Fellowship is a volunteer workforce that exists to bless, encourage and serve faculty and staff; promote the welfare of our students; provide opportunities for parents, faculty and students to fellowship with each other; encourage and support the educational activities at the school; and further develop the educational resources of the school.

The PTF volunteers serve as homeroom parents, provide meals at school for special occasions, help with the Annual Dinner auction, prepare the Pastor’s Luncheon, help at Grandparent’s Day, coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week in February and get involved with many areas of education and operations.

In the beginning of the school year parents are encouraged to complete the Parent Teacher Fellowship Survey. The survey outlines all volunteer opportunities for the upcoming school year. These opportunities vary in the level of time and/or activity commitments, providing opportunities for all.

To inquirer about volunteering through PTF, please contact:

Middle and Upper School Campus PTF:
Lower School Campus PTF: