Volunteer Clearances

Plumstead Christian School welcomes and encourages volunteers in its school and classrooms. As a measure to ensure the safety of the students and staff, Plumstead is asking that volunteers submit the required clearances.

The state of PA has strict regulations regarding clearances for employment and for volunteer work with children. Updated clearances must be obtained and submitted to the school every three years. If you plan to volunteer for our school in any capacity that involves direct contact with children (e.g. homeroom parents, lunch parents, field trip chaperones, coaches) you will need new clearances if yours will be more than 3 years old by the end of the upcoming school year. Additionally, state law requires all volunteers to be fingerprinted with one exception: if the volunteer has lived in the state of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years he/she may submit an affidavit in lieu of having to be fingerprinted.

Instructions for how to obtain the following clearances can be found on Renweb by clicking on “School Information” then going to “Resource Documents:”

FBI Criminal History Record
Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
Pennsylvania State Criminal History Record
Volunteer Affidavit

Please call the school if we can be of assistance in this process.