1st Grade

001F_STA_FINLEY_Brenda Finley
Lynn Rudolph (aide)

First Grade Curriculum Overview 

First Grade is an exciting year. Your children will grow as readers and writers. They will be part of the discovery process in science and will learn about various countries in social studies. It is our privilege to work in partnership with you to help your child grow spiritually, academically, and socially.

Click here to watch our First Grade Video to learn more.

Highlights of the Year

  • colonial day 1st gradeKeep an aquarium full of fish and snails clean and alive!
  • Take a pond walk at Peace Valley Park
  • Visit a real Indian wigwam
  • Test solids and liquids to see if they sink or float
  • Read books that will take you to places you can’t even imagine!
  • Invention Party
  • Learn about a country and teach the class all about it