2nd Grade

0002_STA_PENNINGTON_Megan Stern

Second Grade Curriculum Overview


In second grade, we are learning to become better thinkers, better readers and writers, and better problem solvers. A variety of learning experiences help us to develop our God-given talents and to support the different ways that each of us learns. Through hands-on activities and enrichment projects, we also learn how to work as individuals and in small or large groups with our classmates. In all we do, we encourage each other to be the best we can be spiritually, academically, and socially.2nd grade art

  • Learning about the writing process and writing our own books
  • Creating our own landform models
  • Discovering physical and chemical changes through hands-on experiments
  • Learning about the components of soil and discovering truths about erosion, weathering, and worms
  • Building simple machines to determine how to make work easier
  • Creating a daily clock poster display
  • Observing the life cycle of butterflies (from egg to pupa to chrysalis to butterfly)
  • Visit a butterfly house
  • Market Day Event