3rd Grade

Alethia Zaskoda
Christine Weber

Third Grade Curriculum Overview

Third Grade Video


Our goals as third graders are to please God by being respectful to Him and others and to be responsible for our actions and words. We will be learning about the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22, 23) and how, with God’s help, we can demonstrate these “fruits” in our lives.  Only then, can we show our commitment to Christ and reflect His character to others.  In our school work we will be taking more responsibility for our work by writing down our assignments and following through on them as independently as possible remembering that we are doing it for God (Col. 3:23).

img_thirdgrade_01Highlights of the Year:

  • Trip to Lost River Caverns after our study of rocks and minerals
  • A research project on a famous person
  • Third Grade Wax Museum
  • Learning to multiply and divide
  • Learning about and observing the life cycle of plants
  • Writing a fairy tale
  • Trip to Pennsbury Manor

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