TransportationPlumstead Christian School maintains its own fleet of school buses and vans, along with licensed staff bus drivers. Our students understand this important distinction – the drivers ensure safety, a godly perspective, and appropriate behavior on the trip to and from school, as well as for school outings and sporting events. Our drivers take their responsibility to serve the Lord and our students very, very seriously. This is evident by their dedication and skill behind the wheel as well as encouraging the students’ educational and spiritual growth.

Our buses follow a daily route with specific stops each day.

Bus routes are determined in late August prior to the start of each new school year.

Lower School drop-off and traffic flow instructions:

carpool directions – morning
carpool directions – afternoon

Middle and Upper School drop-off and traffic flow instructions:

During peak times in the morning and afternoon, the north or main entrance to our campus can be congested with bus traffic.  Adding other vehicle traffic to these peak times may block the entrance to the new drive that runs parallel to the south side of the building.  We are asking all non-bus vehicles to enter campus during the peak times in the morning and the afternoon through the south entrance near the tennis courts.  These adjusted traffic flow patterns are specifically for peak times of 7:45 am-8:10 am and from 2:50 pm-3:20 pm.  At all other times, students may be dropped off at the front entrance and picked up wherever is convenient for the student and family.  Upon entering the south entrance take the widest path around the perimeter of the new parking lot in order to arrive eventually at the new drive that runs parallel to the south side of the school.  Turn left on this drive as if you are heading toward HWY 611 (Easton Road) and pick up or drop off alongside the new curb.  The Middle School entrance located on the southeast corner of the building (closest to the expanse of athletic fields) is open during these peak times and your student may enter here.  After dropping off or picking up your student(s) proceed forward to the first row of parking spaces (marked “Bus and Van Parking Only” on the attached map).  Turn left here and proceed to the south drive that leads to the south entrance near the tennis courts.