Spiritual Growth

Training God’s Leaders by encouraging Spiritual Growth

summer-tripsAt PCS, we understand God looks at the heart of each person (Psalm 17:3; 44:21; 139:1-4). As we teach and instruct, it is not only through our words, curriculum and homework assignments; every administrator, coach, staff and faculty member at PCS is committed to seeking hearts that are soft to the Lord and his direction. More than behavior change or “acting like a Christian,” students at PCS are taught that loving and serving God is paramount, as well as the Biblical call to love others as themselves. (Mark 12:28-31). And we as parents, teachers and church leaders are commanded to teach this truth to our children (Deuteronomy 6:4-9).

Plumstead Christian has a culture of heart-driven service for the cause of Christ. This begins in the elementary grades through teaching and ministry through service. At the junior high and high school level, students can participate in a number of service projects, which include ministries and outreaches. In addition, each year the senior class ministers to children and adults in the Dominican Republic.

While many high school students might be looking forward to summer vacation to spend time at the shore, make money toward a car or vacation, or hang out with friends, more than half of PCS High School students served the Lord on the mission field during the 2008 summer break. Following Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), these students followed God’s call in their local churches; missions work in the U.S. and in service around the world.