Francesca Mayr ( Class of 2012 )

Being in a secular university environment has enabled me to appreciate why Plumstead Christian School is so special and I want to extend my thanks. The art curriculum has allowed me to participate in (often worldly) creative discussions with a godly mindset. PCS has trained me to be discerning in all areas of school and life. I am equipped with the tools necessary to succeed both academically and spiritually.  I cannot overstate just how essential the Bible curriculum at PCS has been in even just my first few days of orientation – especially my senior year classes. It’s amazing how easy it is to get into a discussion about faith at Arcadia without even trying. I assumed most would be quiet on the subject, trying not to offend, but the minute I say I went to a Christian high school, everyone shares their family’s religious background, presents their own views, and asks questions. People are searching and unfulfilled and curious in ways I never would have anticipated. The idea of “relative truth” seems to be very popular. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity at PCS to explore their questions in a godly environment, find Biblical answers, and learn how to articulate those answers in a non-aggressive manner. Because of your courses and instruction I have deliberate, truthful answers to tricky, murky questions. Thank you for your excellent preparation!

Dr. Sam and Dr. Miriam Maldonado (Parents of Sara Maldonado, Class of 2009)

Why we chose Plumstead Christian School? And, was it the right decision?
Our daughter attended another Christian School before joining Plumstead Christian School (PCS) in August 2007. We were concerned with the transition to another school in the middle of her high school years. We considered a number of options including public, other private (non-Christian schools) and other Christian schools. Some of the private non-Christian schools were very attractive because of their academic opportunities. However, they lack the Christian values we think are essential for a well-rounded education.

In Plumstead we found the best of both worlds: a strong academic curriculum offering even AP courses to eligible students, several extra-curricular activities, and a Bible based overall education in all subjects taught in the School. We were still concerned with the transition of our daughter this late in her high school education. However, the students and faculty at PCS embraced her and made her feel part of a team almost from the start. This behavior on their part is consistent with the Christian values teachers and students have. Our daughter quickly blended in at her new school. This was essential for her to be successful academically. Now she is a senior and continues to flourish. We praise God for leading us to PCS because without His guidance and wisdom we could not have made the right choice.

We encourage prospective parents to seek God’s wisdom on this important decision. If God leads you to PCS, it will not be a mistake. He is all knowing. Praise His name.

John Harvey, parent of one PCS alum and a current PCS student

I strongly support the PCS Christian education with its balance of academia, Biblical teaching, and athletics. PCS is a gift to its students from the Lord.

Sarah (Landis) Wilson, D.O., Captain, U.S. Air Force (Class of 2000)

The best way to prepare for college is to be forced to work hard in high school. At Plumstead, I was challenged in the classroom, the music room, and on the athletic field. I learned how to multi-task and be efficient with my time because it was necessary to be a successful student. When the hectic and busy world of college and medical school came around, I wasn’t overwhelmed, because it wasn’t the first time I encountered the need to work hard. I thank my teachers and coaches at PCS.

John Humphreys, parent of PCS alum

We have been delighted with Plumstead Christian School’s small classes, very fine teachers and supportive atmosphere. Shepherding teenagers through High School is made so much easier with a strong Christian environment at home and school. Our daughter Emily has a particular interest in drama and music, and her experiences and teaching in these two areas have been excellent.

Taira (Zgrablich) Hayner (Class of 1998)

I thank God for the spiritual foundation that was formed in my thought process while I was at Plumstead. I was taught to always consider the Bible and Gods love for me. To let it act as a guide and filter for any and every aspect of life.

Darlene (Moyer) Jenkins (Class of 1984)

I see a positive growth here at Plumstead. There are many more opportunities available to the students in sports, education, music and spirituality than there were 20 years ago. The teachers, who have an awesome impact in our children’s lives, continue to be tremendous Christian role models for them. I am happy to see that some of my teachers are still here at PCS, continuing to minister to children.

Rick Millham, father of two PCS students, member of the PCS Board, (Class of 1986)

My Christian educational experience drives my desire for my children to be educated at Plumstead. I want to have my children taught by teachers who view their jobs as a mission with a higher calling, not just as a tenured career.

#PCSParentPride: The Brautigam Family

Parent Pride - Brautigam Family PhotoMeet Brad and Connie Brautigam who shared, “We have seen our boys thrive at PCS by gaining the confidence to try new activities in a grace filled atmosphere”.  #PCSParentPride

The Brautigam Family:
Brad and Connie
Corey, Class of 2011
Tyler, Class of 2013
Justin, Class of 2015
Luke, Class of 2018


How have you seen your children thrive at PCS?

We have seen our boys thrive by gaining the confidence to try new activities in a grace filled atmosphere.

Why did you choose PCS?

We chose PCS for its Christian worldview and for a more personalized experience than a larger school can offer.

What is your favorite memory so far as a PCS parent?

Our favorite memory is watching our boys gather and pray for their opponents on the sports field.

How would you describe the parent experience at PCS?

The parents come alongside each other with similar approaches to parenting.  Other PCS Parents care for our children with the love Christ.

Michelle (Lynch) Hoffman, former Missionary to the Dominican Republic (Class of ’94)

PCS always has been a big part of my life and I thank God for the precious memories, life long friends, teachers and experiences I have taken with me.