PCS Stories

The Winget’s Family PCS Story

The Winget family talks about making the switch from public school to Plumstead Christian School.

Stephanie and Pat’s PCS Story.

Parents of a Plumstead Christian School student express their views about Christian education and teachers at PCS.

The Millham Family’s PCS Story

Richard and Lori Millham and their children, share how Plumstead Christian School has impacted their family in a very positive way. The Millham’s have been long-time supporters of Christian education at PCS, and we are blessed that they are part of our school family.

Melanie and Jeff Drake (Parent Testimonial)

Melanie and Jeff Drake were honored at the 2013 Founders Forum as the Honorary Founders. Hear them as they talk about Plumstead Christian School and what it has meant to them for over thirty years. It gives insight into why they continue to invest in the school as PCS alumni parents of three graduates and a current senior