Why Choose PCS? Here’s Why.


  • Daily Bible classes in all K-12 classes cover the Old and New Testament narratives and life application in the early grades and, in the Upper School, more complex issues such as Church History, Apologetics, Exegesis, Worldviews, Theology, Wisdom Literature, Synoptic Gospels, Romans, Advanced Hermeneutics, and the study of other world religions.
  • Weekly chapel services with student-led worship and in-house or guest speakers who focus on the school’s annual spiritual theme in their presentation.
  • Christian concepts integrated into every academic discipline.
  • Service opportunities within our school and in our global neighborhoods – culminating with a senior mission trip to Dominican Republic.
  • All seniors participate in a graduation project that spans two years and culminates with a 40-minute presentation to peers and faculty.


  • Faculty know each student well. With an average class size of fourteen students, the student to teacher ratio allows for a considerable amount of personalized instruction.
  • All classes are taught as rigorous, college preparatory courses; beginning in the seventh grade there are also honors level classes in English classes.
  • We are accredited providers for Eight Advanced Placement courses that we offer during a student’s Upper School career.  These are first offered to qualified tenth graders, allowing for the most industrious students to earn credit in all eight (AP Biology, AP US History, AP Spanish Language, AP European History, AP English Literature, AP English Language and Composition, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics).
  • Our school-wide initiative to “Write Across the Curriculum” continues to produce strong writers.  Students master key facts in each discipline as gifted faculty guide students and foster critical thinking, creativity, and a joy for learning.
  • Multiple math tracks facilitate differentiated instruction and developmentally appropriate math for each students.  This also provides advanced students the ability to take two Advanced Placement math courses before graduation.
  • M Term.  While seniors are on their Spring Mission Trip to Dominican Republic and the juniors are on their week-long College Tour our 6th through 10th grade students enjoy an enriching week of electives.  Past electives included a baseball clinic, sports marketing, defensive driving, culinary class, micro-circuits, cartooning, and more.
  • We offer numerous electives in our visual and performing arts, our technology department, and our Bible department.


  • A vibrant intramural program for our Lower School students during all three sports seasons including, soccer, basketball, flag football, baseball, and more.
  • One Month Clubs” in the Lower School provide enriching opportunities for our students that go way beyond the classroom.  These hands-on activity-based experiences are joy-filled highlights in our students’ lives.  Past One Month Clubs included: Little People/Little Snacks, Newspaper, Christmas Crafts & Snacks, Crochet, and more.
  • PCS Brownie Troop Troop #21946 meets twice a month on Friday afternoons.
  • Over 80% of our Middle and Upper School students participate in at least one sport each year.  With nineteen different athletic teams our students are learning the value of teamwork, godly sportsmanship, the value of physical exercise, and the joy of competition.  Win or lose, our athletic practices and competitions provide incredible opportunity for our students to add to their faith virtue, and to virtue, knowledge.
  • Wonderful academic outlets for our students include debate, Mock Trial, Math Olympics, Science Fairs, Technology Competitions, Speech Meets, and Reading Olympics.
  • Drama experiences begin with the 4th and 5th grade musical.  Middle School students may participate in a winter drama production and a spring improvisational show while Upper School students have the opportunity to perform in a fall drama, a winter musical, and a spring improvisational program.
  • Our musical opportunities abound and include choir for every grade beginning in Kindergarten.  In the Middle School and Upper School our choir students may audition for select ensembles including our most prestigious choir, The Madrigals.  The Madrigals perform annually in our highly acclaimed Madrigal Dinner, at the shops in Peddler’s Village, at our annual Founders Forum, and at various concerts and competitions.  Band begins in fourth grade, and when band students graduate to the Middle School they may audition for ensembles, the bell choir, and various festival competitions.
  • Numerous leadership opportunities in student government, community service, worship, athletics, and the arts.  Student leadership is fostered inside and outside of the classroom experience as students learn how to gracefully follow and humbly lead.
  • Founders Forum – starting in the 2010-2011 academic year our school has invited Christian speakers to our campus who are nationally recognized to bring inspiration to our students and the surrounding community. Our Founders Forum speakers include: Governor Sarah Palin (2010-2011), President George W. Bush (2011-2012), Quarterback Tim Tebow (2012-2013) and Dr. Ben Carson (2013-2014).